Our experienced professional technicians use proven methods and techniques that achieve remarkable results when it comes to commercial pools!  Our technicians realize the every day usage can take a toll on a pool, so they are prepared to spend the time needed and always have an eye for detail.  

Commercial pools and spas                                                                               are customized for each property's 

needs when they are designed

and built, therefore maintenance                                                                        services for each commercial pool                                                                 and spa should be customized.

The Pool Shop will be happy to                                                                         meet with you to customize the                                                                 perfect plan for your community                                                                         pool. Typically our commercial                                                                         pools and spas are serviced three                                                             times weekly. Each day of service                                                     includes pool water testing and                                                                proper balancing of the water chemistry. The pool tile, skimmer baskets and strainers are all cleaned weekly. The pool will also be dipped and skimmed for any floating debris and the entire pool; walls and floor, is brushed down as needed.  We vacuum the pool once a week, as well as clean and backwash the filter system as needed. Whatever your property's pool needs are, we can customize any weekly plan for you. Call us today for a free quote for your property!

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